Our origins, however, started a long time ago. Traval Vai, a family-owned company established in Terrassa (Barcelona) and with a great expertise gained during more than 30 years working in the world of textile and clothing production, had already achieved a very successful career within the technical apparel market when made the big decision to move all its assets to Ho Chi Minh (Vietnam), in a key strategic transformation integrated in its process of global expansion.


Perfectly aware of the huge potential this country could offer to experienced firms –especially those with a good product–, Traval Vai's main business model always consisted of high quality fabrics, constant innovation and very competitive prices.


Then, maintaining a steady growth and firmly consolidated in this Asian capital, first working for other brands and refining at the highest possible the last techniques in sublimation printing technology, the next step was to launch a commercial label of its own under the name of  SCORE TECH.


Thus, since 2012 all our efforts are designed to promote this new commitment, ceasing production for third parties and focusing entirely in our trademark's positioning as a leading brand in the manufacturing of specialized sportswear.


Today we have facilities comprising more than 1.000 m² in Vietnam, with over 150 employees and three external workshops which work exclusively for us. Our headquarters in Spain, located in Badalona (Barcelona), include the central offices and main warehouse, including 400 m² and 7 more workers.

The SCORE TECH brand is our radiant flagship: the central bet leading a project started in 2010 and definitely aimed to position ourselves as a reference in the Spanish market.


Our commitment is crystal clear: top-class sport equipments, meant to all kinds of disciplines and with a strong component of customization which, ultimately, constitutes the core differentiating element pursued by any sports organization

–regardless of its dimension or importance– in order to create its identity and show off the colors in the playing field.


This is SCORE TECH's genuine raison d'être, and because of this central objective we keep working, learning and growing every day along with each and every one of the clubs that have already put their trust in us.

SCORE TECH's Headquarters in Badalona