We are a consolidated company devoted to the design, manufacture and distribution of first quality sportswear.


Backed by more than three decades of experience in the sector and hundreds of clients behind, what truly makes us different is the fact that we control and supervise entirely, in first person, each and every one of the stages involved within the textile processing.


And that's precisely the main reason why we are capable, at the end, of making your team unique as well.



In contrast to the majority of sportswear distributors, our business model does not consist of manufacturing huge amounts of a limited number of models with the object of generating a particular stock and, then, sell the same exact products to all clubs. In SCORE TECH we always work on demand, without any limit nor supply forecast.


And that's possible thanks to the fact that we directly monitor all internal phases involved within the textile process. We can produce short series of 100% customized clothes to respond, in each particular case, to the specific demands of every client.


Nowadays, in any sport —specially team sports— it is very important to maintain that strong feeling of belonging to a particular group of people: a consolidated club. In this regard, the most identifiable element in any team is always its uniform, which must have enough style and personality to represent and draw together all members, as well as to allow them to differentiate from the rest of clubs.


In SCORE TECH we always put ourselves in the very place of each and every one of our clients so as to successfully get adapted to their particular needs, and thus make their teams reflect to the maximum their whole nature and true character. Forget about catalogue clothes and standardized models... Nothing of the kind anymore: fully customize all designs and create your own identity!!!


Since we have our own factory, we can look after all stages in the main productive process and adjust our profit margins a great deal. That's the main reason why we indeed offer unbeatable prices in digital sublimation printing.


Moreover, the use of cutting-edge technologies allows us to achieve totally original designs, with all those distinguishing elements our clients may demand (all sorts of images, drawings, logos, emblems, sponsors, customized models...), by means of direct sublimation on all fabrics and, of course, always without any additional charge.


In SCORE TECH we manufacture everything ourselves and basically work on demand. Therefore, we are perfectly capable to cope with any quantity: we serve to all kind of entities, both professional or amateur, and are also prepared for covering specific competitions and all sorts of sport events.


Due to the fact that we do not depend on any external supplier, SCORE TECH can always offer replacement warranty (infinite continuity of your product) and allow clubs to renew just what they need in every given moment. What's more: we can also take charge of our clients' on-line selling platform, thus managing all stocks, orders and even payments, making easier for them to handle the whole process of direct distribution.


As manufacturers, we always have the best raw materials in the sector. Fabric is, invariably, the most important component regarding a sport equipment, given that it is the core element in constant contact with users' skin. That's the reason why in SCORE TECH we develop and produce our own fabrics in the factory, where our technical department undertake a throughout monitoring to ensure all our materials pass the most stringent quality controls, including intense antibacterial treatments.


Furthermore, all our garments are manufactured following                             innovative concept, a standard of our own with which we confer excellent attributes for sports practice to all our fabrics:

  • Absorbent
  • Light
  • Breathable
  • Quick drying
  • Antibacterial treatment
  • Protected against ultraviolet radiation


Here in SCORE TECH we have played in almost every existing field...


Name any sports discipline: we have it!


And, if that's not the case, no problem! We love challenges and we are always open to new proposals...

Inside this gallery you will find good samples in action of some of the works we have done so far.


Take a look!


Our headquarters are located in Badalona, at the heart of one of the best communicated areas within Barcelona's metropolitan area; next to the main highway transport routes, 10 minutes from the nearest metro station (Badalona Pompeu Fabra - L2) and 15 minutes from Badalona's railway station (RENFE).

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